Thanks to all the Superheroes of Love who came to the Setting the Table Pasadena event on November 9th at the Pasadena Convention Center.  The theme of the event was CONVERSATION so some brave Superheroes of Love filled out a MY HEART SAYS.... conversation starter card!    

A tiny video I took at the event:

 Look at all this LOVE and see if there isn't a gift -- or several gifts for your heart here (I am typing them up exactly as written - except that I couldn't insert the little hearts VERY MANY drew!  So sweeeet!) in response to the prompt MY HEART SAYS...








  • Don't keep it inside, share your heart.

  • Think before you speak, and say it with love in your heart.

  • Be kind!

  • Always follow the path of kindness and compassion.  What you give to others may return to you.


  • Love yourself always!

  • to embrace it all and enjoy the ride.

  • Stay open + vulnerable

  • I want to see a world full of people who have compassion for ALL living beings & that they fight to fiercely protect each other from harm, abuse & neglect. @designedbysabina

  • Women's Rights are Human Rights

  • I Love my Niece Kabrel & I'm Happy

  • "....but people will always remember how you made them feel!" - Avril Martin

  • Thank you, Lord!

  • I could get lost in the colors.  So beautiful.

  • Flowers and sweet smells bring love to my heart!

  • You are enough + I see you!

  • When you don't think you have anything left, reach in a little deeper and there you will find it. @i.saw.sparks

  • Embrace it!  (whatever it is!)

  • It's not good enough just to survive, you have to THRIVE

  • There's beauty in the unusual.

  • Don't let negative people live rent-free in your head.

  • Share love with everyone.  Especially those who need it the most.

  • What's weighing on your heart right now?

  • We need more happiness in our world.

  • Life is rich, and full, and dynamic and exciting but love distills everything to its essential meaning.

  • I am grateful for every day. -- CC

  • Have more fun!

  • Tell your story... we want to hear it!  -- Cheryl Farrell "Pop-Up Storytelling"

  • Look at all the colors in the world.  Are there any we can't see?  -- Bonnie Wallace

  • Love is being surrounded by those who love

  • Love is unconditional. That"s why it lasts forever.

  • Don't re-elect Donald Trump!

  • be free and love all enjoy every minute and appreciate all

  • Be YOU! -- @constanthousela

  • I miss my dad and love him so.

  • No matter what...Can I get a goat...or a duck.  BTW, I LOVE YOU.

  • love is love. Make LOVE not war.

  • Look for love in every moment of every day in every person you meet.  You will find God shining through each second and other's eyes.

  • Love starts in the gotta love yourself before you can love someone else.  -- @utandymike

  • I love my community

  • Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money? - @craigcardella

  • 1 Cor 13  "Love never fails"

  • love one another

  • I Have Enough Love for Many

  • Everything is better together than alone.

  • I LOVE THE MESSY TABLE  [Bridget's Comment: the table next to mine was Kabrel Geller's Messy Table LA!]

  • Everyone deserves love and I'm always sending loving energy to the entire universe.

  • Embrace all the kindness and love that surrounds us.

  • Always, always, always follow your dreams!  If other people are doing it, why can't you?  The answer is YOU CAN!  With love, passion and hard work, you can absolutely achieve anything! - @cieloalvaro3

  • Love all the colors

  • Visite

  • I'm kinda hungry.

  • Open and confident.

  • Love always wins.

  • KER VIN!

  • Cindy is AMAZING!


  • We must be more gentle with one another and I want us to be more joyful!

  • God is Love!


  • Lush opulent rainbow love

  • I Love Love LOVE Bridget F.!  [Bridget's Comment: And I love Elisa Beeeee!

  • Love thy neighbor!

  • Flowers = Love

  • Where does beauty come from?

  • No matter what find your happy place.  It exists.

  • Love doesn't make the world go around necessarily, but it makes the ride worthwhile.  Truth.

  • The key to happiness is to be grateful.

  • Medley of color and fantasy.

  • thank you -- @JLPasadena

  • You can make the impossible POSSIBLE

  • Ti Amo!

  • I am full, but not heavy.  -- @notkeyshacole

  • At times we all need to just BE

  • Connecting with a stranger is valuable!

  • Design is My Addition

  • You Have the Best Table

  • I love chocolate

  • Have courage + be kind!

  • Words matter!

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What is Dr. Christiane Northrup saying about Superhero of Love?

“Nothing—and I mean nothing—is as painful as a broken heart. In these pages, you will find good medicine.” --–Christiane Northrup, M.D., 

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“A fabulous step-by-step guide for healing a broken heart. Bridget digs deep and teaches us how to tap into our inner wisdom and resilience to not only recover but to make everything – including love – better than ever.” – Nina Lorez Collins, author of What Would Virginia Woolf Do?: And Other Questions I Ask Myself as I Attempt to Age Without Apology






(wherever you get your podcasts)

where Bridget talks to people who are in the

business of helping us all LOVE + BE LOVED ever more!


Bridget thought it was just another break-up. It was even her choice to end the relationship with the man she thought she would marry. So why did it feel like her heart was burnt to a crisp? She had never been betrayed before, but still.

She wanted to get to the bottom of why her heart was so devastated, particularly after having done so much work on herself leading up to that fateful relationship. So she started a full court press approach to healing, on a mission to come back from this break-up stronger than ever, to be “Love Strong.”

SUPERHERO OF LOVE: HEAL YOUR BROKEN HEART & THEN GO SAVE THE WORLD chronicles everything Bridget did to come out the other side of her loss with more power and ability to love and be loved than ever before. She set up what she came to understand was her very own Superhero of Love Boot Camp.

The reader will be able to pick and choose from among the techniques, exercises, and tools that Bridget used, so she can set up her very own Boot Camp, and make her unique journey toward being Love Strong as stress-free and joyful as possible.

You can learn about the five superpowers that Bridget focused on in her Boot Camp — Super Sight, Super Hearing, Super Humility, Super Self-Love, and Super Alignment – through her writings (links below) + podcast that aim to inspire the Superhero of Love inside you.


Bridget Fonger is a writer who is committed to women having the most vibrant, fulfilling, kick-ass lives possible. Her first book, The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Just About Everything, co-authored with Judie O’Neill, is all about supporting women to have less stress and more joy in their lives. Her new passion is to help women unveil the Superhero of Love inside them.

She has been doing meditation and transformative work for over 30 years, and has been on the lifelong journey to hone what she now understands are her ever-burgeoning Superhero of Love powers.

Bridget is based in Los Angeles.


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