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We all have gained things in this quarantine and we all have lost some things too. It's good to check in with our hearts every once in a while, opening the big beautiful front door, walk in and take a little look around.

Do some of the rooms in your heart feel empty right now? Deserted by loved ones, by the weekly family get-togethers, by the girls’ nights out, the movie nights, the touch of a beloved, a mother’s embrace?

And yet there is no room in your heart that it truly deserted. The beautiful rooms that fill our hearts are simply quieter now -- which makes it the perfect time to go exploring.


I invite you to consider roaming around the quiet rooms in your heart.

In that quiet is still burgeoning life. Memories line the walls. Love permeates the air. The love never leaves. It doesn’t leak out or get whisked away by the breath of an opening door. It remains in that room forever.

Even as relationships and situations change, even as people pass away or move away, the love that was once experienced stays right where it should in the room where it was born.

In this time begging for self-reflection, it’s a mighty fine time to check in and see how much love lives in all the rooms of your heart, how much of a Superhero of Love you really are.

Tour Your Heart

Join me on my little tour of my heart and see if it might inspire you to go on your own.

I’m not in a romantic relationship right now and yet the room in my heart where all my relationships have lived is vibrant, alive and full of love. These men all -- no matter any pain moments exchanged -- touched my heart for the better. Their faces line the walls, the joy, passion, laughter and even tears we shared permeate the room. Not one of them is banished from this room. They all taught me about my heart, about the things that help me and thwart me from loving and being loved.

The Room Where Bravery Was Born

I’m not in immediate danger right now but the places in my heart that were opened for life-threatening experiences - like the man with a knife coming in my Manhattan apartment in the middle of the night - those rooms remain. The faces and emotions line the walls and sometimes I have to walk back in there to shine a light and make sure that I see that they represent one tiny piece of real estate in my heart, and yet they carry the weight of important lessons learned: the stuff I am made of, the bravery I can muster.

The Room for Childhood Experiences

I’m not a child anymore but the room that was set aside for childhood experiences, that shaped me just like my bones gives my body its frame. That room is one that I need to step into from time to time, switch on the light and look for the source of something that is triggering fear, anger, sadness. That room is where I learned to follow my creative impulses, guided by a mom who created with beautiful food and art. That room is where my heart opened to the divine, guided by a dad who was my spiritual soulmate. That room is also where early childhood divorce left its imprint and where an ill-equipped mom led me to do a lot of self-parenting. That room gave me the courage to try anything and to follow my mighty heart.

The Divine Connection Room

I’m not trying to figure out how to have a connection to the divine right now. From an early age I felt I was here to know God, even though I wouldn’t say it like that until decades later. I am entrenched in that pursuit now. Yet there is a room where I can see where I thwarted this pursuit with the noise I alone created. It is also here that I can watch the wondrous movie of the string of spiritual experiences that led me to exactly where I am right now, knowing in my best moments that I am love, that we are all love, and that we are – each and every one of us – so very loved.

The Room Where Passions Live

I’m not trying to figure out what my passions are because I’m acutely aware of them, but there is a very cool room where I threw a lot of paint against the wall, failing and succeeding at expressing myself that made me feel alive and in the flow of life. This is where I walked in to hang up my acting hat and dusted of my writing hat. This is where I struggled with knowing that I would never be a great writer but that my pursuit of it was very much worth the effort. This is also where I jumped into one creative pursuit after another, each filling me up no matter how successful I was - each one a mighty flame.

These little heart tours have many purposes. Simply shining the light of your attention on these places in your heart can be healing. The mere presence of that shining light seems to initiate good things. It can blow a gentle breeze to refresh the walls, floors, and furniture that may need a little clearing, cleaning, polishing.

You can see how extraordinary your heart is, how each and every room is connected and integrated into the glorious castle that your heart has become.

So, even when some of the rooms of your heart feel neglected -- whether due to a quarantine, a new baby, a new job, a move, a death – they are still there, awaiting your arrival, beckoning you to switch on the lights and hang out for a little while.

I welcome you to bring down the drawbridge and walk inside the many-roomed castle of your heart.

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